Skye Dickenson

      Renaissance Man

   Leap of Faith...

In early 2011,

Skye made the 

segue from teaching

to full time writer,

artist, author and

radio personality

Fresh out of college,

Skye began work in the

 public school system, 

teaching art, PE and

English over the course

of the next nine years

What's brewing.....

Skye's latest children's book,

"The Life of a Baseball," has a tentative release date of 8/19/14.

The work is a collaborative effort with cartoonist and longtime friend Ted Kent. Much work has been put into this project, and all are anxious for it to hit the online shelves. 

August 19, 2014

August 21, 2014

Skye's next radio project is scheduled to launch in late August. The college football-based show will focus on the SEC and ACC while previewing several games against the Las Vegas spreads.